Episode 9. The Tricky Magic Show.

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Posted: 07/16/2021

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A Brief

Fletcher and Pockets and friends make magic with reading.

  • Use sound movements to connect each letter’s common sound to its lowercase shape for h, y, w, qu, and x.
  • Read and spell 4- and 5-letter words with qu and ck.
  • Read irregular words: a we, is, his, as and has.
  • Learn story sequence: beginning, middle and end of a story.
  • Learn the homonym pen meaning a pen for pigs, or a pen for writing. Review the two meanings of the word fit.
  • Read and follow directions.
  • Read treasure hunt clues to draw conclusions about where to find the next clues and the treasure.
  • Read the Little Coloring Book and learn about recognizing each other’s feelings. Focus on characters to ask and answer “who” questions.