Learn to read with Fletcher’s Place. Watch these prototypes and take the survey.

Episode 1
  • Use body movements to learn the letter sounds and shapes for i, n and f.
  • Learn the reading direction
  • Understand the word first
  • Learn to control eye movements

Episode 2

  • Use body movements to learn letter sounds and shapes: o, m and a.
  • Learn Action Spelling
  • Understand the word last
  • Trace letter shapes

Episode 3

  • Put it all together!
  • Sound out 2-letter words
  • Look ahead when reading
  • Understand concepts of print

Take the Survey and share your feedback.

Get ready for free programs 4-10. In episodes 4-10 children will learn to:

  • Use body movements to learn remaining letter sounds and shapes
  • Read 300 2-4-letter words plus 20 irregularly-spelled words
  • Recognize 26 lower-and upper-case letters
  • Read and follow directions + decodable books 
  • Learn letter names, ID vowels vs. consonants
  • Read phrases fluently; learn story order; ID characters and locations, predict, summarize, and interpret