Episode 10. The Sky’s the Limit.

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A Brief

Fletcher’s friends talk about what they want to be when grown.

  • Review all 26 letters sounds, lowercase shapes, and sound movements.
  • Learn the remaining capital letter shape:, B, K, Y, C, W, P and X. Focus on the five capital letters that look totally different from the lowercase letter shapes: H, E, D, N, and QU.
  • Learn all 26 letter names.
  • Use a sound movement to connect the most common sound for the “partner letters” th.
  • Read irregular words: the, to, do, my and by.
  • Read and follow directions.
  • Read treasure hunt clues to draw conclusions about where to find the next clues and the treasure.
  • Read the Little Coloring Book to learn about actions and consequences. Focus on location to ask and answer “where” questions.