Episode 5. Fletcher Paints.

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Posted: 07/16/2021

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A Brief

Fletcher paints a portrait of the friends.

  • Use sound movements to connect each letter’s common sound to its lowercase shape for r, z, v, and t.
  • Learn how to pronounce the “snap sound” t.
  • Sound out and spell 3- and 4-letter words with twin consonants at the end.
  • Learn how to pronounce the irregular word a.
  • Learn about rhyming words like sun and fun and homonyms like fit meaning a fit mutt or the shirt doesn’t fit.
  • Call vowels and consonants ice-cream vowels and cookie consonants.
  • Read treasure hunt clues to draw conclusions about where to find the next clues and the treasure.
  • Read the Little Coloring Book by reading the phrases and making up the story to go with the pictures.