Meet the Founder

“My mission is to change the very fabric of how we think about acquiring reading so that it is an inspiring, exciting, and successful experience for all students."

- Judy Kranzler, Founder

Judy Kranzler has over 30 years of experience developing reading and spelling curricula and materials that feature physically active, musically vibrant, engaging activities.

Her personal experience of struggling with learning to read using the traditional “sit, look, listen, and memorize whole words,” made her feel like she was learning disabled. By the time she finally felt she had mastered reading, she also knew in her heart that the way reading is traditionally taught discriminates against students who have learning styles other than verbal and visual.

Judy then studied and used many of the alternative ways to teach reading that were phonics and Orton-Gillingham-based. These methods teach a step-by-step progression of cumulative skills and teach the rules of how the sounds in English make words. Though they certainly made more sense, she found them to be equally unappealing. Why? They were just as much or even more tedium of “drill and kill,” and memorization of rules. Her students inspired her and challenged her to create strategies, activities, and solutions that were student-friendly and fun. 

Over the next 15 years, as she continued to teach the students that no one else could reach, the Reading Revolution methodology was born. This methodology has been continually refined ever since and has become the basis of several reading programs, now including OpenReading.  

Her programs have proven highly effective with all kinds of learners, including English Language Learners, at-risk youth, those with severe learning disabilities, and older children who have failed to read using traditional and remedial reading programs. Judy has administered many training and professional development courses to early childhood educators across the country. 

Judy’s particular strengths lie in creating reading and spelling strategies that are truly teacher-friendly, kid-approved, fun and based on engaging games, songs, videos, and activities to teach every skill element at every level of reading.

She welcomes you to join her mission of making learning to read fun and successful for all!