Beginning Reader Program


A FREE course to help you coach your child to reading success. Have fun playing physically active games and watch your little one become a confident, successful reader!

NO credit card required! Just three simple steps to get started:

  1. Add this FREE course to your cart
  2. Check out (and create an account to track your progress)
  3. Go to “My Account” and click on “Beginning Reader Program”

Get the tools to coach your child to reading success! Ideal for parent, relatives, caregivers, and teachers of little ones ages 4-6.

You’ll discover how to coach your child through fun, physical games. They’ll learn essential reading skills without even realizing it! By practicing one skill at a time through play, your child will effortlessly build their confidence as they become strong beginner readers.

Stop wasting time on methods that frustrate and confuse young readers! You’ll celebrate reading success in no time as you:

  • Learn how to avoid the classic mistakes most teachers make and find out what to do instead
  • Bond with your child by playing fun, interactive games
  • Take advantage of your child’s learning strengths and improve their weaknesses
  • Avoid years of strife by helping your beginning reader succeed from the start
  • Make learning to read so fun your kid will beg for more!

Start the FREE Beginning Reader Program today and watch your child become a reading success!


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